Entrzelle – Feeling Heavy These Days EP


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It’s with great pleasure that we announce the return of your favourite explosive cinematic synth industrial project ENTRZELLE! US based artist David Chamberlin breaks the silence with “Feeling Heavy These Days”, the first EP in support of the upcoming album, “Dust On A Razorblade”.

The EP features the single “Feeling Heavy These Days”, complete with an alternate club version and remixes by living legends AESTHETISCHE and NEIKKA RPM. The EP also reveals two more new songs “Let Me Be A Memory” in a dramatic remix by LLUMEN, and an original remix of “Tax On Modern Life”. The new songs represent a thematic departure for ENTRZELLE. Whereas previous releases tend to focus on violence, anger, social and environmental problems, and other themes of darkness and despair, the new material is more interested in hope and perseverance. Relying strongly on honest personal reflection, the result is strikingly vulnerable with a heart-on-sleeve quality. “Feeling Heavy These Days” was written during a time of deep personal struggle for the artist, and initially materialized as a passive byproduct of therapy long before becoming a single. The song deals with being lost in life and feeling like you’ve reached a dead end, while being paralyzed by forces beyond your control. When you reach the end of the road with nothing left to follow, do you give up? Do you turn back? Or do you find a new path forward?

The EP also introduces a stylistic evolution. In contrast to the complex, experimental, and IDM-inspired sound of previous albums, the new material has been distilled down to deliver a more cohesive, straightforward, and visceral experience for the listener. David’s vocals sound more intimate and poignant than ever and carry us in a modern filmic spiral of emotions accompanied by upbeat electro sequences and addictive noisy disturbing synth pop melodies.

This is noir future pop with an edge that comes highly recommended to fans of ROTERSAND, COVENANT, SEABOUND, IMPERATIVE REACTION, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, VNV NATION, etc.


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