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US based artist David Chamberlin strikes back with the 3rd full length album by ENTRZELLE, his most personal one to date. The songs began life as therapeutic journal entries before becoming music, and deal with subjects ranging from personal conflict to social commentary, from loss to euphoria. This is an album about hope and perseverance, letting go and moving on.

“The universe is a cold, vast space where existence is objectively meaningless. Any meaning that we have in our own lives is our own creation. So, care deeply, respect life, and try to appreciate what you can’t control. Because nothing matters anyway, except what we decide”. This is the underlying message behind “Dust On A Razorblade”… “Writing these songs have helped me in my own life, and I hope listening to them can help someone else too”, adds Chamberlin.

Sonically, this may be the most accessible and listenable ENTRZELLE album so far. The American artist decidedly kept the experimentation to a minimum, instead focusing on songwriting and production. The tone is darker and the songs are more direct, set in characteristic ENTRZELLE sound worlds that are more developed than ever. David’s vocals are also more intimate and poignant, carrying us through a modern cinematic spiral of emotions accompanied by upbeat electro sequences and addictive noisy disturbing synth pop melodies. And this stylistic evolution definitely works and results in a bunch of addictive sing-along synth pop tunes with an edge!

Strikingly vulnerable with a heart-on-sleeve quality, this is a lush 12-track album full of top notch synth industrial, plus 4 bonus remixes by label companions in the likes of PSY’AVIAH, REICHSFEIND, ELEKTROSTAUB and DJ Simon Carter.

This is noir future pop with an edge that comes highly recommended to fans of ROTERSAND, COVENANT, SEABOUND, IMPERATIVE REACTION, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, VNV NATION, etc.

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