Diskonnekted – Yesteryears – Radio existence EP


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The opening song, “Yesteryears” from the sophomore “Hotel Existence” album by Belgium’s enfant terrible DISKONNEKTED is the perfect pick for a new EP release. While the album was more like a journey pushing the limits of production and testing every musical boundary, this new EP has its sights aimed directly at the clubs. The EP is built around the very melodic and melancholic feel of the splendid “Yesteryears” song for which bands like NEUROTICFISH and EDGE OF DAWN made captivating club versions.

The adventure of “Yesteryears” actually started some years ago when keyboardist Didier ‘Snake’ Salvatore wrote the blueprint for the track. That blueprint became the original demo version of “Yesteryears” to which Jan De Wulf later added the vocal line. That unreleased version remained untouched for quite a long time until Jan made a whole new version leaving the original trance sound out of the cut and adding guitars instead. This became the album version as we know it. DISKONNEKTED made a new club edit of the album version especially for the EP, while Snake introduced his very own solo project by reworking the original version with his fresh and trancy LIQIOD NEWT mix.

DISKONNEKTED also teamed up with long time comrades THIS MORN’ OMINA for a very ethereal and ambient layered remix of “Tunnel Vision”, while HALO IN REVERSE re-imagined the landscape of “Neverland” giving it a dark and mellow twist. Add also a new club edit of “Empty”, a heavy beat re-interpretation of the old “Personal Demon” and the explosive VIP version of “Justify”.

Rendez-vous on the dancefloors for some hot exciting moments together with DISKONNEKTED…

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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