Die Robo Sapiens – FanFanFanatisch – The Düsseldorf EP


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The German city of Duesseldorf has always been seen as the mecca for electronic music since the early 1970s, when KRAFTWERK released their first albums and morphed into robotic aliases. Duesseldorf was also the home of other cult-bands like NEU!, LA DUSSELDORF, DAF… and DIE KRUPPS! This is the city where Juergen Engler and Ralf Doerper grew up. RHEINGOLD, KRAFTWERK, DIE KRUPPS and the above mentioned NEU! and LA DUSSELDORF all knew each other since the late 70s, and used to go to the same clubs and bars, where friendships were formed.

When Bodo Staiger of RHEINGOLD passed away in December 2019, the time had come to pay homage to one of Duesseldorf’s legends with their song “FanFanFanatisch”. Our Electro Industrial music pioneers decided that this should be released under their “electronic-only” project DIE ROBO SAPIENS.

Although KRAFTWERK were never a direct influence to Juergen Engler, the track “Duesseldorf” pays tribute to the city that brought us that unmistakable sound that made the city famous.

The music lives on, and the featured additional remixes by label mates KANT KINO, AESTHETISCHE, IMPLANT and 808 DOT POP prove that even newer generations of musicians are still influenced by it today and put all their (he)art and craft into this tribute to the electronic school cradle.

This “Duesseldorf EP” is past, present and future… and its homage to electronic music is even more significant today with the recent additional loss of Florian Schneider (KRAFTWERK) and Gabi Delgado (DAF).in 2020.

Are we all electronic music “FanFanFanatisch”? Minimal, vintage and outstanding powerful synth music delivered for the pleasure of your ears by DIE ROBO SAPIENS. Volle EBM Kraft Voraus!


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