Avarice In Audio – Wicked Die Alone EP


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The Australian duo behind AVARICE IN AUDIO break their radio silence introducing the next dark and tortured elektro industrial single, “Wicked Die Alone”!

With a haunting, frenetic, fast paced beat produced by old friend STATIC LOGIC, tweaked and mixed by Lawrie, furious breakbeat rhythms are backed by Gerry’s sardonic crooning. The intensity flickers between the drums and the vocals, in a desperate conflagration, fighting for supremacy with neither winning out in the end, drowning in the chaos. Evoking a sort of THE PRODIGY on dark industrial acid!

Accentuated by an eclectic collection of remixes, from an intense metal remix by AGAINST I, a downtempo IDM remix by XSRY, a chilling, almost horror movie like remix by ANGEL OF VIOLENCE and a pulse quickening drum n’ bass remix by SOLID STATE, AVARICE IN AUDIO have delivered the perfect introduction to their next album. “Tear Heaven In Half”, coming 2024.