Avarice In Audio – Lie to me EP


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With 2 albums (“Shine & Burn” and “Apollo & Dionysus”) under their belt, our inventive producers from AVARICE IN AUDIO have become one of the most acclaimed underground industrial pop act from Australia! After some time in the wilderness, and some line-up changes… AVARICE IN AUDIO now returns as a three-man act, featuring new member Ben alongside Gerry and Lawries newly-crafted electronic compilation. 

Now comes the first single from their forthcoming 3rd album, starting with the slow, foreboding “Lie To Me”. The first song written by the new line up, produced alongside Ayax of ASCENSION EX, this track combines a new rawness the band have displayed, with a new sense of vulnerability and emotion before only touched on by earlier material. Aggressive bass, hard industrial at its core, Gerry’s powerfully tormented screams complimented by Ben’s new melodic and melancholic vocal work transformed the work into something greater than the sum of its parts. 

This is additionally reinforced by remixes by American bands like FLAMMPUNKT and IAMMYNEWT, an enormous black metal remix by Japanese act VANISHED EMPIRE and a remix + bonus track featuring AIA’s own STUDIO-X, this is a new milestone for the project, presenting a devil may care attitude for the gentlemen behind AVARICE IN AUDIO, whom have only begun to shed light on what they are capable of during this new album that will unveil some amazing featurings and other surprises! “This is only the beginning… We are the ones, who never slept”…


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