Avarice In Audio – War Tanz EP


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The Australian duo of AVARICE IN AUDIO are home again and bringing the noise!

The second single from the newly released 5th AVARICE IN AUDIO album “Our Idols Are Filth” is here. “War Tanz” is a song about breaking the mold of conformity. Lawrie’s scorching production is on full display, featuring oppressive percussion and heavy distorted basslines to rock you to the core! On top of it, Gerry’s sardonic lyrics and screams tell their own story, one of refusing to bend to the powers that be. This is a cut that’s sure to captivate fans of COMBICHRIST, IVARDENSPHERE, FREAKANGEL and VELVET ACID CHRIST.

The title song gets accompanied by an extra 3 tracks, a remix by AVARICE IN AUDIO’s own STUDIO-X, Columbia’s remix killers ALIEN:NATION and an exclusive bonus track “Downer Grooves”, a carrying minimal electro groovy cut…

Rock on and never bend!