Avarice In Audio – The Cassandra complex EP


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After the release of the first-class debut album “Shine & Burn”, AVARICE IN AUDIO are back with their second and final single for this album, taking one of the most aggressive tracks and packaging it together with some of the finest talent there is. “The Cassandra Complex” has been described by critics as a favourite for its intense synthesised melodies, the rapid fire delivery of the lyrics, the cold, surgical production and the vocal disparity between AIA’s two lead vocalists, with Jade described as an angel, with Gerry’s voice in contrast as a devil.

This EP comes loaded with remixes from old friends and new from the band, including long time friends at RUINIZER and DEFEAT, new partners from Alfa Matrix’s very own roster with XMH, and a stunning rework of their first single by cyberpunk provocateurs and frequent collaborator of Gerry. PSYKKLE. And finally augmented with an instrumental track from the older days… With “The Cassandra Complex” evoking similarities to artists like GRENDEL, FREAKANGEL, THE AZOIC and L’AME IMMORTELLE, AVARICE IN AUDIO are primed for this single to show off what they can really do with their own hands, and in the hands of others.

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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