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Exactly one year after their still resonating “Overflow” EP, AESTHETISCHE celebrate with “Rvprty” their return to the club dance floors. Besides being a loud shout-out against all extreme right, anti-science and anti-democratic movements across the globe, this new album reveals a solid upbeat clubby sound signature merging modern electro production skills with banging EBM sequences and catchy icy melodies. The sound is heavy and pulsing, and also addictive and hypnotic. “Rvprty”’ even sometimes takes a darkish and almost experimental turn on bombastic tunes like “Requiem” or the bewitching thriller anthem “Grave Party”.

Our two Brazilian electronic producers Fab Viscardi and Gui Pires know how to entertain their fanbase and inject diversity in their full-frontal industrial dance assaults through a stunning guest vocal appearance by Dutch superstar underground vocalist Lis Van den Acker on “Back To Life” or yet a mega surprising cover-version of the Swiss 80´s cult band DEO CADAVER’s “Blind Oracle” authorized by Daze Dasen & Marco Marchi themselves, and performed by the Brazilian duo in a new old school EBM style.

Dark Techno? Industrial Dance? Body Music ? Underground Electro? AESTHETISCHE is all and none of this at the same time! Let them blow your mind on the dance floor and let your body dance until your feet hurt… Welcome to the “Rvprty”!

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