808 DOT POP – Jingle Pop


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Getting into the end of year spirit, 808 DOT POP unexpectedly reworked a classic Christmas time song. “Jingle Bells” didn’t start out that way in 1857 when it was sung for Thanksgiving, and writer James Pierpont would have never guessed that over 160 years later Passenger S would put his finger on this merry little jingle.

Passenger S refurbished one of the best known songs in the world to fit his electronic world and turned it into ‘Jingle Pop’. An electronic makeover filled with the typical 808 DOT POP analogue and sequenced sounds, sweet melodies, mesmerizing chants and playful rhythms.

‘Jingle Pop’ is a way to send 808 seasonal greetings to all people digging vintage electronic music, a gem to enjoy sitting under the Christmas tree.


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