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Our favorite Belgian time-travelers Len Lemeire, Jan D’Hooghe and Jean-Luc De Meyer just returned from their last intergalactic mission. 32CRASH are back on Earth!

FRONT 242’s lead-vocalist and his gang lead us through this 20-track album, depicting a detailed state of the World, in the year 2112. Aliens on Earth. A destroyed space colony. Telepathic guides warning of cosmic threats. Complex machinery replicating human life-form. Toxic rains over entire continents. Unexplained shifts of paradigms and quantum leaps. Random time travel. Artichoke sauce and speculoos. Professional robot-hunters. Trillions of flies. Invisibility discovered. Flourishing DAL music scene. The chemical value of the human body.

With this new ‘Y2112Y’ full length album, 32CRASH opens the door to a parallel ‘music’ universe where upbeat futuristic electronic tunes led by the unmatchable vocal talent of Jean-Luc De Meyer crash into electric wave vibes with a fresh minimal retro punk touch. A beautiful piece of art on which 3 human beings managed to bridge futuristic technologies with sonic experimentation, an extravagant concept and a strong vocal performance. An album that breathes freshness and freedom and reminds us that art takes another dimension when made with the heart and a solid sense of sarcasm and humor… Simply uplifting!

32CRASH will be on tour in our galaxy this winter – book your seat on the shuttle!

This CD is also available as an extended bonus tracks download – see the player below.

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