Virgins O.R Pigeons – Bleed to lead EP


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VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS are finally back! “Bleed to lead” is not just the title of their new 4-track digital single… It’s a true statement! Six years after their bombastic debut “Place No Reliance”, they return with the precursor of their forthcoming album, an electronic gourmet release, skilfully crafted, ready to hit the dance floors and drive you insane!

The songwriting maturity they have acquired through time and the flawless production of these new songs confirm that VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS are now definitely here to stay! Armed with their brand new sound and a fresh look they are ready to reinvent the so-called electronic industrial scene!

2 dancefloor smashers constructed around solid crunchy bass lines, heavy pumping sounds, catchy synth melodies and alluring vocals you simply can’t miss.

“Bleed To Lead” also receives the remix treatment from the infamous Progressive Techno DJ CHRISTIAN CAMBAS, bringing this track upside down, beating the hell out of it with Techno as his weapon; while electro/pop act UNIVERSAL TRILOGY captured the song’s vibe enhancing it through an interesting low tempo approach…

Let us celebrate the strong return of this talented electro act cos the future stands ahead of us and it looks like the best is yet to come! Perfection requires a good dose of madness…

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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