Various Artists – Matrix Downloaded 010


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Available now for free (or pay-what-you-want) via Bandcamp is the 10th volume in the “Matrix Downloaded” compilation download series by the Belgian electro label Alfa Matrix. It will offer you the possibility to discover some of the most recent singles and albums released via Alfa Matrix while giving a preview of some promising forthcoming 2021 productions.

Alfa Matrix will invest all donations in new bands. Feel free to support us!

Here’s what Seba Dolimont from Alfa Matrix has to say about it: “The music market has shifted a lot over the years and in many ways losing its solid footing. CDs sales are collapsing entirely and the shift from downloads to streaming has not yet shown a revenue that is replacing what has been lost. (…) This evolution has created an environment where many labels have almost stopped playing their key-role of talent scouting, no longer daring to invest in new talents who deserve to be heard by you! Alfa Matrix is one of the very few record companies in this scene who try to keep the right balance between releasing renowned artists and supporting younger bands who still need to catch the attention and reach your ears.”

The compilation holds the work by 64 label bands who joined hands to deliver you 64 songs representing the label’s most recent singles and albums while giving a preview of some promising forthcoming 2021 productions .


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