Various Artists – matriXX – 20 Years of Alfa Matrix (Best of Electro, Synthpop, EBM, Darkwave)


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Is it by pure chance or an imminent sign?

This Christmas 2021, many amongst our alternative music scene community will gather in theaters across the globe to enjoy the unexpected 4th installment of the cult science fiction action film “The Matrix Resurrections”… In the same moment, Belgian underground dark electronic music label Alfa Matrix is closing its 20th year of existence with this new conceptual anniversary release “matriXX”. A collection of some 60 songs downloadable in MP3/FLAC quality via the label’s successful Bandcamp page (FREE or pay as you wish).

Back in 2001, three Belgian boys had dreams… and well, they decided that they would not just be, “dreams”! They decided to share these dreams with artists and with YOU. And they took that right pill that made them larger year after year, release after release. A new concept was born.

After all these 20 years, we’re bringing you back where it all started. Back to the Matrix!

The three label owners (Benoît, Bernard & Séba) took the challenge to summarize these 20 years of sonic extravaganza by each selecting only 20 songs which meant something to them in their label’s history. “We quickly realized how much we had underestimated this challenge of shrinking a repertoire of over 12.000 songs to 60 tracks in total especially considering that we have actually worked with more than 60 different bands and projects through the years… to say the least, this was an incredible and yet fulfilling task to achieve!”, says label & artists manager Séba Dolimont. [full texts & insights written by the three label protagonists themselves can be found in the attached extended booklet of this release via the label’s Bandcamp page]

The time has come for us to plunge you again in this repeating loop, that will bring you sonic memories and déjà vu while still remaining today so exciting and entertaining, also reminding you how easily it is to forget how much noise the Alfa Matrix has been pumping into your head over the last XX years.

This is the moment for us to show you once more what is real and all we have achieved thanks to our creative artists and to your precious support. The only thing that matters for us is still here, our dark scene and its uncountable talents and we know why we’re still fighting, and we’ll never give up.

We’re ready to feed your head. “Are you ready to fly”?
And never forget: this matrIXX seleXXion is only one version of the reality. Create your own on Spotify and share it with us!

Thanks for having believed in us since day one. Share your belief with friends. We’re up for the next challenge!

Since 2001, Alfa Matrix has been offering you electronic music with attitude… EBM, synth pop, industrial, electronic, indie rock, nu electro, dark elektro, avant-garde, goth metal, wave, post punk, techno house: you get it all!

Compiled in Winter 2021 by Seba Dolimont, Benoit Blanchart and Bernard Van Isacker.