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Over the last 15 years “Endzeit Bunkertracks” has established itself as the most successful and classic must-have compilation concepts on the dark electronic scene!


Well, ladies and gentlemen… our Endzeit warrior escaped from the bunker once again and he is now furiously heading your way at full speed for another high-impact sonic assault without any compromise. “Endzeit Bunkertracks [act 8]” is there and it will be hitting straight and hard: run for shelter or face the sound of evil! Take this new brainwashing selection of the best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts from the underworld straight into your face. Over 8 hours of sonic extravaganza in all its diversity spread over some 112 tracks!


Once again released as a deluxe 4CD carton box including an extended 32 page booklet masterfully designed by Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaka ( for your visual pleasure and a bonus download access to some 40 additional songs!


Full club power, malevolent moments and splitting headaches are all guaranteed by this new ultimate Endzeit experience. The complete track listing speaks for itself… We get hard-hitting contributions from renown bands like SUICIDE COMMANDO, BLUTENGEL, [SITD], FUNKER VOGT, ALIEN VAMPIRES, NOISUF-X, MENTALLO & THE FIXER, IMPLANT, KOMOR KOMMANDO, SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS, GRAUSAME TÖCHTER, [X]-RX, C-LEKKTOR, ANGELSPIT, SIVA SIX, ACYLUM, and also the amazing collaboration of DIE ROBO SAPIENS (aka DIE KRUPPS) with the LEAETHER STRIP master, the new project of the ex-DANCE OR DIE gang: DARKNESS ON DEMAND, a poignant collaboration between FRONT 242’s singer with AIBOFORCEN as well as his new LEDERMAN-DE MEYER project, the first CD appearance of VOLTMEISTER (new collaboration between SCHWARZBLUT and NACHTMAHR members) or yet the return of DUNKELWERK and REGENERATOR as well as the new promising project of THE ETERNAL AFFLICT’s Winus Rilinger: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION… The modern high-tech power noise league and the whole seething new generation of dark elektro acts are of course also represented by their best new ambassadors: SYNAPSYCHE, REACTOR7X, PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1, CIRCUITO CERRADO (feat. Rexx Arkana), MILDREDA, CHAMAELEON, NEIKKA RPM, NANO INFECT (feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO), AD:KEY, STOPPENBERG, SYNTHATTACK, VENAL FLESH, TOTEM OBSCURA, PHILIPP MÜNCH, AVARICE IN AUDIO (feat. AESTHETIC PERFECTION), AENGELDUST, CHAINREACTOR, KANT KINO, R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT), DIFFUZION, LLUMEN, STUDIO-X, VESTED SERPENT, LARVA, DIVERSANT:13, SCHWARZBLUT, COMPLEX MIND, HELL:SECTOR and so many more including the more than promising new talent discoveries in the likes of HORSKH, H.O.W., EEXEE, IMJUDAS (solo project of HELALYN FLOWERS’ Maxx), PLAYNGRAIN, MÄRCODA, FIRST AID 4 SOULS, M.O.D., KILMARTH… Without mentioning the bonus selection of 40 additional bands mixing newcomers and established names including among others ZOMBIE GIRL, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, WORMS OF THE EARTH, AMORPHOUS, ELM, 00TZ 00TZ, PSYCHIC FORCE, SKINJOB, PSY’AVIAH, UCNX, ANTIBODY, AESTHETISCHE, HELALYN FLOWERS, ENTRZELLE, SYNCFACTORY, COLD THERAPY and so many many more.


This new selection of terrific and terrifying club invaders again features a very diverse and international approach with artists coming from every corners of the (under)world.


A FREE Alfa Matrix label compilation “Sounds From The Matrix 020” is also included in every compilation box.


Disc 1 [evil] 

101. [X]-RX . shut the f up and die

102.KOMOR KOMMANDO . music is my religion

103.[SITD] . cicatrix

104.H.O.W. . happiness imperative


106.C-LEKKTOR . animals (REACTOR7X mix)

107.ALIEN VAMPIRES . bring on the apocalypse

108. AENGELDUST . fucking day

109. DIVERSANT:13 . helldiver

110. DIFFUZION . infection

111.LLUMEN . the dark inside her eyes (bunker edit)

112.FIRST AID 4 SOULS . cold frozen arts

113.REGENERATOR . miracles (bone mix)

114.STUDIO-X . asylum

115.ROBOTS IN LOVE . the ravens

116. MENTALLO & THE FIXER . giving in, life & limb 

117.CHAINREACTOR . achieving society (EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS mix)

118. WOLFCHILD feat. VISCERA DRIP . may god be with you all

Disc 2 [torture]

201. KILMARTH . la ronde

202.COMPLEX MIND . dawn

203. VOLTMEISTER . mekanismo

204. HORSKH . strayed away

205. M.O.D. . under my skin

206. ANGELSPIT . satanic aesthetic (endzeit mix)

207. SYNAPSYCHE . mirror terror

208. PRE:EMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1 . ex-human deform

209. VESTED SERPENT . the dead

210. HELL:SECTOR . kill – slaughter – repeat

211. LARVA . me odio

212. DISORDER FAITH . the vamp

213. DORNBEAT . totems

214. MILDREDA . stories (short edit)

215. CRYTEK . anathema (ACYLUM mix)

216. NEIKKA RPM . into rage

217. CIRCUITO CERRADO feat. Rexx Arkana . noize in the sky

218. AT0SHIMA 3RR0R . revolution of death (DEATH FACTOR remix)

Disc 3 [damage]

301.IMPLANT . oxynoxe-r

302. AIBOFORCEN feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer . we woke up the dragon (unlocked)

303. EEXEE . future ghost stories

304.EX.ES . wizard of noise

305. R.I.P. (ROPPONGI INC. PROJECT) . irreversible

306.NOISUF-X . who am i?

307. FUNKER VOGT . feel the pain (video edit)

308. LEDERMAN – DE MEYER . a tribe of my own (Sebastian Komor mix)

309. DIE ROBO SAPIENS feat. LEAETHER STRIP . kaltes klares wasser

310. AD:KEY . eskalation (AGREZZIOR mix)

311. ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY . generation one

312. KANT KINO . destruct

313. DARKNESS ON DEMAND . darkness on demand


315. IMJUDAS . tulpa (AD:KEY remix)

316. CHAMAELEON feat. AFTEREFFECT . forbidden

317. NANO INFECT feat. SUICIDE COMMANDO . lifeless

318.SIVA SIX . high on low (C-LEKKTOR mix)

Disc 4 [death]

401.BLUTENGEL . seele

402.GRAUSAME TÖCHTER . wildes tier

403.STOPPENBERG . get ready

404.SUPPRESSOR . the hard way of suicide

405. PLAYNGRAIN . rescan

406.T3RR0R 3RR0R . we came to party

407. SYNTHATTACK . straight to hell

408.SUICIDE COMMANDO . death lies waiting (death will find you remix)

409.REACTOR7X . the circus of false

410.EGGVN . aasb

411.VENAL FLESH . the witch’s crucible

412. DUNKELWERK . GxSTxPx 4c (bunker edit)

413. ACYLUM . schwarzer adler

414.SCHWARZBLUT . wutrich

415.FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION . entierro en campaña

416. MÄRCODA . imaginary shores

417. TOTEM OBSCURA . blut marschiert (bunker edit)

418. PHILIPP MÜNCH . das ist meine rache


501. KLANGBILD . ausserhalb der reihe

502. SIGNAL OPERATOR . rope on neck (warp mix)

503. WORMS OF THE EARTH . jhakri (feat. Wychdoktor)

504. PAX SONO . german night

505. DEVIL-M . human being (EXTIZE mix)

506. KRACHTRAUMA . zustand 

507. ZWAREMACHINE . ieyei (PLANKTOON remix)

508. AMORPHOUS . alone (fearless remix) 

509. CODE: RED CORE . esteriòtipos

510. COLD THERAPY . fading 

511. ELM . wapenrustning (MILDREDA remix)

512.ZOMBIE GIRL . pleasure games (DIABOLIC ART remix)


514. 00TZ 00TZ . when all hope is lost 

515. ARIAN 1 . spend the night (dark skies remix)

516. AUGER . my guardian

517. PSY’AVIAH feat. ENTRZELLE . ghost

518. MIRANDA CARTEL . amethyst

519. JUNKSISTA . love makes people stupid (TECHNOLORGY remix) 

520. SKINJOB . internet death game (ebt mix)

521. MISERIA ULTIMA . let down

522.THE PSYCHIC FORCE . politics of greed (READJUST remix)

523. CYBERLICH . soul krusher

524. DISTOXIA . el ascenso del rey nigromante

525. SYNCFACTORY . lost

526. DISTORTED WORLD . you fall (terror night version)

527. UCNX . sleep when you’re dead (OUT OUT remix)

528. THIRD REALM . battle the hate

529.NITEK . macabre control

530. [FABRIKMUTTER] . inmune 

531. C-PHALEA . chaos oblivion

532. ANTIBODY . revolution dance 

533. AESTHETISCHE . an end in itself

534. 0KONTROL . nebenwirkung

535. HELALYN FLOWERS . kamikaze angel (ALIEN NATION rmx)

536. ENTRZELLE . stormchaser (AVARICE IN AUDIO mix)

537. SHADES:OF:HELL . remediate the pain

538. ANTI-TERROR . next generation

539. ICE AGES . the wheel

540. DROID SECTOR DECAY . an arrow in the heart of darkness

Sounds From The Matrix 020(CD) – bonus carton sleeve compilation

01. PSY’AVIAH feat. Kyoko Baertsoen . Plan B

02. HELALYN FLOWERS . tetrachromatic

03. SYNAPSYCHE . mirror terror 

04. IMJUDAS . without us you are nothing

05. I:SCINTILLA . human (ANGELSPIT mix)

06. JUNKSISTA . a little naughty 

07. H.O.W. . happiness imperative

08. LLUMEN . the dark inside her eyes (bunker edit)

09. MENTAL EXILE . renegades

10. METROLAND . memorabilia 

11. IMPLANT . oxynoxe (Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld remix)

12. AESTHETISCHE . berlin

13. AD:KEY . you can’t fuck me 

14. KANT KINO . destruct 

15. AVARICE IN AUDIO . Trojan horse

16. REACTOR7X . the circus of false 

17. DUNKELWERK . GxSTxPx 4c (bunker edit)

18. CIRCUITO CERRADO . revolution (short edit)

19. ALIEN VAMPIRES feat. CHAINREACTOR . hyperbolic doubt

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