Various Artists – Abby Compilation part 3 2CD


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CD 1
  1. Showdown (abby mix 2009) (THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT)
  3. L Amourir (THE YOUNG GODS)
  4. Tribal Warning Shot (live) (HUNTING LODGE)
  5. Obertica (SHIFT)
  6. The Cabinet EGOAMP
  7. Who Cares About Tomorrow (VEIN CAT)
  8. Space Glamour (RICHARD CHRIST)
  9. Vampire s Cry (abby mix) (THE MURDEROUS MISTAKE)
  10. It s Loneliness (:WUMPSCUT: remix) (ESCAPE WITH ROMEO)
  11. Direct Injection (rmx by Chai Deveraux feat. Lily White) (JESUS ON EXTASY)
  12. Restart (MIKRO)
  13. Stand The Line (exclusive) (YADE)
  14. Monster (abby mix) (SUONO)
  15. Subhumanity (SUBHUMAN)
  16. Riotdictator (THOROFON)
  17. Which Word Confines The Truth? (ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO)

CD 2
  1. Ihr Seid Doch Krank (banger mix) (FINGER AND KADEL)
  2. Excess (DIRK VAN DARK)
  3. Krabat (rabenschwarz mix von FIL/ QNTAL) (ASP)
  4. Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik (TOPGUN)
  5. Ohne Dich (STEINKIND)
  6. Knochenbeisser (E.I.D)
  7. Fahrenheit (UMO DETIC)
  8. Figures (new version) (ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL)
  9. Like A Prayer (BIGOD 20)
  10. Il Pleut (VIVE LA FETE)
  11. Waiting For The Son (PINK TURNS BLUE)
  12. Starter For Ten (VENDEMMIAN)
  13. Order To Dance (abby mix) (83BIT)
  14. Black Gold 09 (LEÆTHER STRIP)
  15. The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself (TERRORFAKT)
  16. Erotix (exclusive) (ATROX)
  17. Europa (TRIARII)
  18. Love Has Too Much Audience (REIZSTROM mix) (KLANGSTABIL)

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