Synapsyche – Mirror Terror EP


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Today it’s with great pride that Alfa Matrix inaugurates its collaboration with the fast ascending electro industrial Italian band SYNAPSYCHE. “Mirror Terror” announces the duo’s forthcoming 3rd full length album “In Praise Of Folly” that will deal with the difficult but intriguing themes of psychological and mental diseases…

Stefano “Mannequinetik” (machines) and Marco “Katatronik” Mantovani (vox) prove here that their persistent and almost obsessional quest for the perfect eclectic and aesthetic sound is eventually paying once you reach the expected production and songwriting maturity! With these two new songs, SYNAPSYCHE definitely confirm and settle their own sonic identity constructed around an intelligent duality between soothing melodic synths and massive heavy beats, between addictive catchy pop choruses and harsher vocal outbursts. A majestic, powerful and exploding music cocktail that will please all fans of bands like COMBICHRIST, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, GRENDEL, ALIEN VAMPIRES, etc.

If title-song “Mirror Terror” rips straight into it with its carrying up-paced rhythms, catchy electronics and stunning harsh versus clear vocals, “The Ghost DNA” reveals the band’s more intricate EBM/industrial roots for a ultimate modern dark elektro assault.

Both EP tracks were remixed by an impressive palette of artists coming from quite various sound horizons, each offering a totally new vision of the song they worked on. From the oppressive industrial dance retake by NEIKKA RPM to the guitar industrial rock rework of VESTED SERPENT. Harsh elektro addicts will also surely enjoy the remix by other label-mates AVARICE IN AUDIO or yet the harder rough EBM versions by UCNX and EGGVN. While cult Swedish act TOLCHOCK mutate “Mirror Terror” into a terrific electro-rock club anthem, Polish dark elektro wave act H.O.W. expand it to an interesting featuring with additional sensual backing vocals by their female singer.

A new EP that is definitely wetting our appetite for more and leaving all sonic directions open. Let SYNAPSYCHE surprise you and reveal the madness lurking in the darkest corner inside your head… Dare to look at the terror mirror and knock your head into the wall!


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