Suicidal Romance – Love Promise EP


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They took us by surprise with the previous “Runaways” comeback EP. This time SUICIDAL ROMANCE make us a “Love Promise” and break our hearts some more…

Dmitry Darling (FREAKANGEL, MATTHEW CREED) teases our emotions once again with this lingering plaintive and almost toxic electrowave love-song, playing with silent moments and musical breaks to emphasize the highly expressive vocals of female singer Viktoria Seimar.

DIGITAL FACTOR then come and reinforce the orchestral side of this song’s arrangements and give it an almost operatic bombastic dimension. Belgian label-mates CUBIC plunge Viktoria’s vocals into a sparkling bubbling bath of techno beats and minimal synths for a dynamic groovy rendition. KILMARTH pushes this melancholic song into a disturbing darkish and almost surrealistic atmosphere where unstructured breakbeats clash with icy echoing electronics and noisy percolating bleeps. Three totally different reinterpretations of this great new song offering a very diversified sonic journey in four acts while beautifully celebrating that much-anticipated return of SUICIDAL ROMANCE, a leader in the dark romantic electro wave pop genre next to acts in the likes of BLUTENGEL, L’AME IMMORTELLE and IN STRICT CONFIDENCE.

How hard is it to fight your emotions?