Studio-X vs. Simon Carter – Connecting The Dots EP


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Whilst their second album “Ad Astra Volantis” is still shaking the techno and industrial dancefloors across the universe and other star systems, the cutting-edge duo of STUDIO-X vs. Simon Carter decided to thank their ever-growing eclectic fanbase through the release of an extended 14-track EP featuring some 8 exclusive tracks plus 5 bonus remixes! Starting off with one of the album’s highlights, “Connecting The Dots”, an explosive dancefloor friendly showdown evoking the sounds of TUBULAR BELLS meeting THE WILD WEST, this EP plunges us at full speed into a technoid futuristic soundscape for the ultimate cyber-heads. Fast paced, techno driven hardstyle tunes full of oomph and oontz that once again show the duo pushing the musical boundaries of listeners’ minds…

As always with these unpredictable enfants terribles, this new EP also has its more melancholic and almost pop fuelled elements with songs like the uplifting and moody “NoWhere”, the catchy dance tune “Forbidden Dreams”, the unique slow burner “lost In Space” or yet the experimental psy-trance effort “Never Part”…

Add to this the very diverse remixes by ALKEMIC GENERATOR (with a radio friendly guitar infused retake featuring additional female vocals), the straight EBM act VV303, the synth driven ANTIBODY or yet the thunderous dancefloor energy of CAUSTIC and their characteristic fusion of hard EBM meets industrial techno dance.

The perfect end of year release for the ultimate dancefloor moments in our cyberworld…


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