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STAR INDUSTRY have always favored quality over quantity, and their fans had to be very patient since the release of “Last Crusades” and its successor live album “Black Angel/White Devil” to finally now getting this new studio EP; although the Belgian band remained very active playing across Europe the whole time and having the opportunity to test some new songs on stage…

There could not have been any better song than “Eilyne” to serve as the appetizer for the band’s forthcoming new studio album “The Renegade” which is in the final mixing stage now and is scheduled for an early 2015 street date! “Eilyne” depicts the story of a fallen movie-star with a straight dancefloor appeal, catchy synth layers and STAR INDUSTRY’s characteristic goth rock vocals and incisive guitar sound. An extremely catchy and pulsing song which makes you want to rush on to the dancefloors, hands in the air, the whole crowd singing along… The song also gets released as an astounding epic club mix that all DJ’s will soon be spinning in their clubs, as well as a more dramatic and almost operatic “Paris mix” version with a grandiose mix of piano, violins and big beats evoking an unexpected mix of AEROPLANE and early UNDERWORLD!

Cherry on the cake, The Belgian gang offers here to their fans a very special B-side song that they recently rediscovered from early 1996 studio sessions for the “Iron Dust Crush” album, a classic melodic pearl with the unique characteristic sound of STAR INDUSTRY…

Hoorray – the Belgian STAR INDUSTRY machine is back on track – fans, come on and do your dance again… on STAR INDUSTRY!

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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