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“Chasm Walk” was originally released in November 2019. With his second album, REICHSFEIND reached that songwriting maturity and production level that left everyone breathless in the synth pop / electro scene!

Frankfurt-based mastermind Timo Revna confirmed that he had crafted his very own REICHSFEIND sound identity by merging modern electronics, driving rhythms, dark atmosphere, meaningful lyrics, rolling basslines and addictive melodic sounds.

Through 14 new songs, REICHSFEIND’s frontman expresses his inner rage against our self-destroying society and does it in fully impacting frontal brutality and cathartic honesty. Timo Revna reaches a unique level of emotional expression by making no compromise when he tackles some inner demons and other painful moments he went through and other touchy themes of humanity absurdity and political nonsense.

Armed with his hypnotic synths, upbeat drums, pulsing basses and addictive vocals, REICHSFEIND shakes our apathetic collective consciousness and urges us taking action before it’s too late…

A must-have for all fans of futuristic synth pop music with an edge and an album that will please fans of bands like SEABOUND, X-MARKS THE PEDWALK, ELDERBROOK, BEBORN BETON or yet DE/VISION.

The album is also released with 4 bonus remixes by KENNEDY, MANEATER, KAYFABE LANOISE and CHADOUZE.

For the occasion of the arrival of REICHSFEIND in the Alfa Matrix roster of artists, the Belgian label is releasing REICHSFEIND’s back-catalogue exclusively on its Bandcamp page.


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