Rector Scanner – Herzschlag (Bonus Tracks Version)


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We are back in 2005: The heartbeat of the drum machine is stomping – slow and massive like a diesel engine. Your pulse is rising, your body ready to perform . Deep inside you feel your heart beating at the pulse of life.

“Herzschlag” the second album by Rector Scanner is ready, completely produced and mastered, but there is no release. Just a few weeks before the release date, the label that released the legendary debut album “Vocoder”, suddenly was not longer. Rene Nowotny, live keyboarder of Armageddon Dildos and creative mind behind Rector Scanner then decided to stop Rector Scanner and founded AD:KEY.

Ten years later: Rummaging on his computer, René found audio files on some old hard disks which turned out to be the forgotten files of the Rector Scanner album “Herzschlag”. Quickly he decided to release this album due to rather nostalgic reasons. After a short conversation with, the label of AD:KEY the decision was made: Rector Scanner is back. Although the songs of “Herzschlag” remain unchanged the original artwork is discarded. Instead, René asked the well-known artist and performer Thomas Franke, which he met once at a vernissage to support him with some new graphics for his upcoming release- and immediately wins him over for the project.

With this album, Rector Scanner certainly walk the line between EBM and Synth pop. Full of energy and power, the twelve songs tell stories love and hate, fear and lust, politics and religion.

“Herzschlag” is an explosive roller coaster of emotions, featuring ambiguous lyrics with sometimes rather sarcastic undertones and sometimes a pinch of humour.

“Herzschlag” proves that electronic music does not necessarily have to sound cold and sterile: the German lyrics, presented with an undistorted voice, are supported by jingling and chirping electronic beats, analogue basses and decent big beats.

To wrap it all up, this Rector Scanner album provides four remixes: one by Armageddon Dildos, another by the Ambient-Electro-Project “For a Space”, a third by the music producer Dave Anderson and last but not least one by the Anhalt-EBM-Project T.A.N.K.


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