Psy’Aviah – The Earth Keeps Spinning, Without Being Noticed (original ambient soundtrack)


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Belgian photographer GNY (aka Gwenny Cooman, also known for her work in the band MILDREDA) recently organized an exhibition of her work under the conceptual title “Steden Schuilen Niet Wanneer Het Regent” (Cities don’t seek shelter when it rains) in Wetteren (B) (De Corridor For this project she also collaborated with artist and musician Yves Schelpe of PSY’AVIAH who wrote a dark ambient soundtrack inspired by her work that played during the exhibition, reinforcing the atmosphere of the photographs, adding a unique sonic dimension to the exhibition, giving tones of hope and peace, but also of darkness and melancholy highlighting the contrasting sides of city and nature.

Under the current Covid19 crisis that limited the number of visitors and forced the cancellation of the planned live performance of PSY’AVIAH at the closing of the exhibition, together with both artists, we decided to make this poignant soundtrack available for everyone to not only reveal another facet of PSY’AVIAH’s eclectic work and talent, but also to draw the attention of the fans to GNY’s stunning photographic work. She manages capturing moments of life and let them shine in their own evoking and emotional dimension. Her motto says it all: “If I hear something beautiful, I listen. If I see something beautiful, I click”.

A successful combination of art & talents. So simply click further and discover GNY’s captured moments of life while playing PSY’AVIAH’s soundtrack in the background…


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