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Faithful to their concept, the Belgian act continues developing a network of fruitful collaborations bringing us this time impressive results on “Ophelie” featuring Jean-Luc De Meyer of FRONT 242 as guest ‘poet’ and the dancefloor filler “Into The Game” with Jennifer Parkin of AYRIA as lead vocalist.

The deluxe limited edition of the album also features many more collaborations on the “Eclectricism” bonus disc on which PSY’AVIAH dared pushing back all preconceived boundaries they had never explored thus far. Taking the opportunity to display more ENYA-esque moments while going totally harsh dark elektro at other moments. Collaborators include Kristell Lowagie, Sowphie, IC 434, Acylum, Encoder, Sebastian Komor, EX.ES, Dead Errant Soul, Essence Of Mind, Studio-X, Implant…

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