Neuroactive – Morphology (redux)


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Boosted by the stunning response received for the release of NEUROACTIVE’s new studio album “Minor Side-Effects” with the original line-up of the band, Jarkko Tuohimaa, Vesa Rainne and Ville Brusi had the crazy challenging idea of revisiting their cult debut album “Morphology” that was initially released in 1994!

NEUROACTIVE did not content themselves to simply remaster or replicate their debut album but they definitely went the extra mile. The plan was to bring something new using today’s technologies and the artists accumulated studio experience and know-how over the last 27 years! The “Morphology (redux)” concept was born.

“The project started with the original multitracks. We went through old masters and decided what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to record again and we ended up with good mashup of old and new”, says Tuohimaa.

And that’s precisely the amazing and exciting feature of this “redux” version of this classic elec-tro/industrial album from the ex-ADVANCED ART member and his gang. We therefore here find back the more banging EBM approach of NEUROACTIVE in its early days with metallic beats, punchy an-alog basslines and smooth long dystopic-strings lead by low almost Leonard Cohen-esque vocals.

While staying very faithful to their original concept, the Finnish artists did not hesitate adding plenty of new riffs and new vocals here and there, giving to the album a more compact and hi-energy sound while emphasizing the catchiness and icy melodic side of these great songs offering them a timeless uplifting remake touch. Listen to the new dynamics of songs like “Recall”, “Mecanique”, or the good old club hit “Scanner” or yet the hidden pearl “Moral Solarium” and you will quickly get addicted to this beautiful piece of synthetic pop art with an edge, also making “Morphology” available on all digital platforms for the very first time!

Are you ready for the ”Morphology” V2.0? NEUROACTIVE deliver here an uplifting new version of their debut album for the newer generation of EBM fans while offering new ear candy for the band’s diehard fans from the early days!


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