Neikka RPM – Battle Scars EP


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“Now is the time, all you devils….fight with me”… 

A flash of light? A burst of pain? From out the gray mist, she appears before you: the New-York-based enigmatic Alfa Matrix act and serial-sound-killer NEIKKA RPM is back!! With her lush and loud new 5-track EP, she stands there with open arms… With eyes that invite and lips that tempt. You awake in a daze, confused wandering across this battlefield of lust with the open wound of the scorpion’s sting still burning your flesh… Is she your savior or your master? You search your soul for the answer as her storm of relentless industrial grooves and distorted break beats ravage your body! She holds you to the floor and destroys your ego with her hard-hitting sinister techno elektro. And with her sultry bewitching voice she cuts you deep to the bone! NEIKKA RPM gives you “Battle Scars” and pushes you off the ledge into the sinister abyss of her “Deep Dive”. 

Addictive and disturbing, the title song gets reworked by the dark modern elektro genius CUT_OFF SKY, and the hard industrial groove masters XOTOX, while “Deep Dive” gets a ripping upbeat treatment with additional guest vocals by the Italian cyber goth ravers M.O.D. 

The industrial’n beat she-devil is back to haunt your club nights with whiplash sex appeal and attitude…


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