Metroland – 3.1 EP


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Over more than a decade Belgian techno pop fame METROLAND has been touching many concepts during their musical ventures, going from an almost ordinary thing like commuting or a ride across Europe on the Thalys to art from Bauhaus or photography to very personal and sad events.

The theme that they started off with the previous EP (and limited vinyl!) “4” this year and which shall only be fully revealed little before the upcoming album is only to be touched lightly in this second single, called “3”. However, this time the veil is lifted a tad more than with its predecessor as the title track has an actual name: “Modularity”.

During the studio sessions for this album’s singles, Passenger A and Passenger S have each separately recreated each single into a vision of their own and edited it for each digital release. On top of that in the remix section we have for you a version by none other than ASPRA, also known as Sophia from MARSHEAUX, turning the song into a dreamy synthpop tune. And on the other hand we get the technological view of the song by Q’PNZ.

Two separate 4-track digital sets (“3.0” and “3.1”) are coming your way, holding each exclusive edits and remixes by your humble Passengers, ASTRA and Q’PNZ.

4, 3, 2, 1… Don’t miss this link of METROLAND’s ongoing countdown to the new theme.

The new tracks of course combine the typical METROLAND darker bass sounds with their trademark bleeps and analogue sequences. A guaranteed sonic delight for all lovers of vintage synth music, the Düsseldorf soundstyle and other “KRAFTWERK & co” artisans.