Stahlgeist – Altered Reality


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STAHLGEIST play uncompromised old-school EBM music and today Alfa Matrix releases “Altered Reality”, a totally revamped alternate version of the band’s “Escape Reality” album from 2019 and we are f**cking proud if it!

Behind STAHLGEIST hides none other than our cult Hungarian artist Istvan Gazdag of FIRST AID 4 SOULS together with his friend Tamás Bank on vocals, another leading figure from the Hungarian industrial scene (WORKER MUNKAS, INTERZONE INC.).

Often compared to bands like FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, LEAETHER STRIP or yet :WUMPSCUT: in their respective good old early years, STAHLGEIST indeed also find their inspiration in their own classical EBM roots with a touch of aggrotech song structure complexity, while opting for a less-is-more production approach made of fast solid bass lines, upbeat aggressive sequences and powerful angry vocals.

Cold, rough and stomping, “Altered Reality” kicks straight into your face and gives you hi-energy positive aggression for the dancefloor. Play it loud – NOT for the fainthearted.