Metroland – 2​.​0 EP


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METROLAND’s countdown across the recent releases towards their upcoming album “0”, eagerly awaited by their fans, is proceeding steadily. After both 12-inch vinyl versions of “4” came “3” (“Modularity”), and now we have reached “2”…

This 3rd release holds the single “Davos” where the genesis of the new album concept actually can be found; In fact, not from the Passengers themselves, but from someone closely related. The lyrical samples in the song will give a bit more insight on where this electronically induced road is heading for when they reach final destination: The new album “0”!

“Davos” reveals a more harsh sound side compared with many other tunes from the Belgian duo, bashing beats accompanied with a dry hitting bass, but as always spiced with the trademark METROLAND sequence layers and that unique touch of vintage synth music that keeps placing the Belgian duo in the heart of all fans of the Düsseldorf soundstyle.

Next to the title song, each METROLAND Passenger, from their own secluded habitat, reshaped “Davos” into their very own personal view giving it some extra synthetic dimensions. Last but not least, METROLAND invited the young Belgian LOXS as external remixer who took the track to ulterior levels and turned it into an epic dark techno anthem, rightly suiting the atmosphere of the original version. (Note that LOXS is nothing else but the dark electronic project of Passenger S’s eldest son!)

As always with METROLAND and their recurrent conceptual artistic approach, this EP comes out simultaneously in two different versions (“2.0” and “2.1”) holding each exclusive edits and remixes

4, 3, 2, 1… Again, no reason to miss this link in the countdown chain, straight to the very end which will reveal the concept of the album “0”.