Metroland – Synthetic Sound EP


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METROLAND delivered a musical testimonial for their lost friend Louis Zachert (Passenger L) by releasing their album ‘Things Will Never Sound The Same Again’. This unique product contains songs that are all related to their friendship.

Where the first single ‘Under The Roof’ was named after the recording studio where they spent loads of time together, their new single ‘Synthetic Sound’ is  about their common deep love for synthetic music and sound. Bits, bytes, keys, synthetic sounds and mega-hertz are clearly present on this release. METROLAND deliberately opted to remix all the versions themselves, in order to contain the true spirit of their synthetic sound. Passenger S unleashed some electroclash on the ‘7inch’ and ‘12inch Alternate’ version.

“Synthetic Sound” is again a release, submerged in the typical METROLAND style with hypnotic and melodic sequences, vibrating bass lines and pulsating rhythms paying homage to a great friend.

This single is also released in an alternative “remixes” version.


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