Matthew Creed – The Chapel of Lines


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MATTHEW CREED is the dark techno alter-ego of Estonian artist Dmitry Darling (FREAKANGEL, SUICIDAL ROMANCE) who explains the choice of this new project name by showing how personal this record is right from the start: “My little sister used to call me Matthew. We were just kids running around… But look at me now… what have I become?!”…

“The Chapel of Lines” is nothing but Darling’s personal catharsis, his way to turn the page on three long years of “non-life” during which he literally hit the rock bottom, his way to say farewell to his demons hovering above his head.

“You go down riding deeper into nothingness knocking on hell’s doors enjoying all the sins that this world has to offer with no thoughts of surrendering, only keeping calm by repeating the same words all over again like a fucking mantra “I know when to stop, I know when to stop” just to find yourself laying naked and shivering from the last night in the cold bed all alone promising yourself to wake the fuck up, become a better man just to realize that it is Tuesday… and I bet that most of you know what Tuesday means to us… the ones that tend to fall fast”, Darling adds.

Mastered by Jan. L at X-Fusion Music Production, this 13-tracker features MATTHEW CREED’s recent singles “Hidden” and the underground club hit “Love Is Just Another Stab In The Back”. This album feeds us with hi-energy underground raw grooves with that dark and rough touch around the edges. This is hard-hitting hypnotic underground electro that carries us beyond the veil of the overheating Estonian techno subculture, pushing us onto dusty and deviant dance-floors for never-ending hot rave parties in abandoned factories…

“I know that I can’t erase myself or my past and I know that I can’t be someone else… nor do I want to be anyone else but myself. This is my life and I am fully responsible for what I have become. This is my chapel of lines!”, he adds.

Can you smell the rawness of the underground? Play it at maximum volume!


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