Matthew Creed – Walking In Circles EP


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While the album “The Chapel of Lines” keeps infiltrating DJ playlists across the globe in both techno and underground industrial clubs, MATTHEW CREED brings us back this time to its genesis with the hypnotic pulsating groove of “Walking In Circles” declined in several versions.

This song is the very first song ever written by MATTHEW CREED and is revealed in its original version showing how the project’s sound evolved in 5 years, and also gets pushed onto the dancefloor forefront though remixes by Estonia techno acts CLY/SUVA and SONAR PULSAR.

This new EP is also accompanied by the release of a stunning new video clip perfectly capturing that particular dark rave parties atmosphere… “I remember coming home from another sleepless night of raving. I literally walked in circles stomping to kick drum vibrations all night long… minimal techno and chemicals…. what can go wrong? Well… at least so I thought back in 2017. Back home I could not sleep as I was full of motivation to bring back that feeling of partying… and so I did… in my own way… and that is where it all started”, says Dmitry Darling (also known for his projects FREAKANGEL and SUICIDAL ROMANCE).

Can you smell the rawness of the underground? Play it at maximum volume!