Llumen – The Dark In Her Eyes EP


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LLUMEN finally returns with a new 6-track EP announcing a more than promising new full length CD for this summer!

Belgian artist Pieter Coussement went through some serious health crisis moments the last few years and we are all so happy to see him back on his feet and back where his heart belongs: in his home studio! Constantly struggling against a deep emotional turmoil while progressively recovering health, led the artist to abruptly realizing that life could be finite, opening an introspective catharsis to eventually rediscover himself. The new songs from the forthcoming album “The Polygon Heart” reflect that very personal post-surgery rebirth…

With this new EP, LLUMEN reveals two new songs and wets our appetite for more. “The Dark In Her Eyes” is an instant hit you will sing along to in no time. Its catchy upbeat danceable arrangement gets perfectly wrapped in very expressive melancholic vocals and sinister dark melodies. And we rapidly feel at home again, recognizing LLUMEN’s very characteristic sonic blend made of steady beats, pulsing bass, modern electronics, emotional vocals, a future pop touch and old school EBM elements. “The Path That Leads Me Home” sounds even more personal and confirms that shift from noir tearful gloom towards a more lightened and hopeful ascension that is simply called… “life”. Another pearl of dark electronics with poignant synth wave piano lines crashing against fast pounding electro sequences.

LLUMEN are back on track and will offer you intense and forceful future pop / dark elektro moments that should seduce all fans of acts in the likes of VNV NATION, ASSEMBLAGE 23, HAUJOBB, MESH or yet COVENANT.

The EP also features a straightforward club remix by IMPLANT, an intricate maximalist retake by ENTRZELLE as well as a pulsating version of the title song by AUGER, while ANTIBODY’s genius renders a shimmering trancelike version of the B-side song…

An uplifting comeback by one of the best-hidden Belgian jewels on the electro scene.


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