Lights A.M – Stories Without Words vol. 2 CD


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This is the 2nd installment of LIGHTS A.M’s instrumental concept album series that takes off where volume 1 ended.

Norwegian cinematic ambient electronic project LIGHTS A.M (aka Erlend Eilertsen of ESSENCE OF MIND) presents to us this album as a sonic journey where the listener decides what kind of journey it is all about.

Musically more experimental than volume one, the mood on this new album is both more playful as well as darker as we explore quite different emotions through each of the 10 chapters.

Expect everything from uplifting energy, playful sequences and experimental sound design to droning synthesizers, fearful moods and melancholic melodies in an electronic, but still organic package which showcases what LIGHTS A.M really is about when all boundaries are taken away.

A timeless atmospheric soundtrack album where each track is a part of the whole, and made as a musical piece art highly recommended to fans of ethereal and ambient electronic music.

Another sonic journey from the North reminding us that stories can indeed be told without words… The story continues.

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