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1 year after the first volume, here comes the second volume of LEAETHER STRIP’s “Retention” box series through which Claus Larsen is re-releasing his complete back-catalogue. “Science for the satanic citizen”, LEAETHER STRIP’s 2nd full length established the Danish artist as leading act on the cult Zoth Ommog / Music Research label and confirmed the band’s trademark renown for its punishing rhythm pace and aggressive electronic style with distorted vocals. 

The “Retention nr2” box includes 2 complementary albums: first of which is the “Science for the satanic citizen” LP remastered by Claus Larsen himself, giving a stronger and wider sound to this chef d’oeuvre while staying very faithful to the original work. The original track-list has also been extended to 13 tracks with the addition of tracks from the “Object V” EP and other rarities of the period. Second comes the “Science for the satanic spawn” LP which gathers some 10 selected tracks taken from disc one, totally re-written and re-recorded by LEAETHER STRIP in the 2008 upgraded Strip Farm studio.

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