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French duo KRYSTAL SYSTEM took the underground music scene by storm with their exploding debut album and the following groovy floor-breaker EP extension “Underground: VooDoo Night Sessions”. Bonnie (female vox, guitars) and Seven’s (male vox, synths & bass) sonic alchemy received a resonating echo from music journalists and DJ’s worldwide who had only enthusiastic and positive words about their eclectic combination of music genres ranging from dark elektro, cold wave, industrial rock and metal. 

Two years later, the Paris-based combo is busy preparing its new frontal assault with their new CD: “Nuclear”. An album of extreme music strength, atomizing everything on its way in the quest for the ultimate light, for that burning unreachable point at the end of the infinite horizon. Thirteen powerful new tracks, each standing alone on itself and bringing its very own contribution to the album’s sound depth and concept theme.

Revolting metal guitar riffs, raging industrial beats, fast catchy synth sequences and Bonnie’s provocative juvenile filtered female vocals (both in English and French) backed by Seven’s harsher voice make the eclectic universe of KRYSTAL SYSTEM who here deliver one of the best albums ever released by Belgium’s prestigious Alfa Matrix label. “Nuclear” is an album full to the brim with dynamics, grooves, anger and melodies which breathes and transpires a forceful creativity and astounding song-writing maturity; the whole collection of songs benefits from top-notch production work in the prestigious Parisian “Studios d’Or” and is crowned by the sharp mastering work by Swift in London.

Fresh, brilliant, dark, upbeat and heavy, “Nuclear” is a splendid album performed with no compromise but in all simplicity at the crossroad of industrial metal and electro rock. 

This deluxe double-CD limited carton box edition comes with poster and a sparkling bonus CD featuring several exclusive remixes by the duo itself as well as the unreleased cyber punk cut “Dead World”, plus a selection of fruitful collaborations between KRYSTAL SYSTEM and artists like the famous Japanese DJ Taiki, their neighbors TREPONEM PAL and PUNISH YOURSELF, DJ’s Ethan Fawkes and DJ Drill/Edrive69 or yet label mates masters IMPLANT and AMGOD.

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