ImJudas – So Untrue EP


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Maxx Maryan plunges us one last time into the highly emotional atmosphere of “Yrjudas”, the poignant surrealistic debut album of his solo-project IMJUDAS, by releasing simultaneously 2 stand-alone EP’s each featuring the band’s most favourite songs in exclusive edit, remix, or even demo versions. A nice and original way for the male half of cult act HELALYN FLOWERS to bath us once again in the shimmering darkness of this unique album on which melancholic cold wave melodies fuse with bittersweet post punk attitude.

The addictive romantic synth rock-wave ballad “So Untrue” is here featured in a floating and introspective psych-wave version by Phil of Belgium’s cult ethereal darkwave band THE BREATH OF LIFE while the German ELEKTROSTAUB mix mutated this song into a carrying future pop club anthem!

IMJUDAS fans will also enjoy discovering earlier versions taken from the band’s very first 2016 demo which was only privately circulated among very few insiders in the scene…

ImJudas and YouAreToo…