Hungry Lucy – Glo 2CD


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Second album from this heavenly voices duo, in a limited 2CD edition.


  1. Could It Be?
  2. Fearful
  3. In the circle (D-Koy mix)
  4. Storm
  5. Rebirth
  6. Into Pieces
  7. Telltale Shot
  8. Open Window
  9. Stay
  10. Her Song
  11. Last October
  12. In The Circle
  13. Glo
  14. Open Window (CHANDEEN mix)
  15. Could It Be? (THE DREAMSIDE mix)
  16. In The Circle (NEIKKA RPM mix)
  17. Telltale Shot (SEIZE mix)


  1. Stay (ENDRAUM mix)
  2. In The Circle (GOD’S BOW mix)
  3. Telltale Shot (INFRASTRUCTURE mix)
  4. Stay (CHIASM mix)
  5. In The Circle (YENDRI mix)
  6. Telltale Shot (MIMETIC mix)
  7. Stay (CLAIRE VOYANT mix)
  8. In The Circle (SOBRIQUET mix)
  9. Stay (ThouShaltNot mix)
  10. In The Circle (LOW TECHNICIANS mix)

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