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Shortly after hugely acclaimed album “White Me In Black Me Out”, Italian Metallic Goth Rockers HELALYN FLOWERS come back with new EP “Videodope” including 5 unreleased songs taken from different periods of the first era of the band, that runs from the debut-album back in 2007 up to the latest release in 2013. Exclusive to this release, a brand new bombastic remix of “Alkaline Twins” can be heard as opening song.

Songs “Starchild” and “Videodope [Just One Day]” are among the very first the band wrote for the “White Me In Black Me Out” album. They shortly followed the “Stitches Of Eden” album while the band was searching for the sound that marks their latest record. You’ll hear how the 80s Synth Pop and Dark Wave influences of the second album cross a renewed approach ever close to Metal sonorities as well as to a gloomier taste for Dark/Goth and electronics.

Now HELALYN FLOWERS revive these two songs giving them a definitve appeal and sound closer to the band’s current vibes. Also, fans finally have the chance to know what’s in between “Stitches Of Eden” and “White Me In Black Me Out” and to hear a bit of the evolution of the band during those 3 years (2010-2013) of stylistic research and refinement. So, they’re more than simple outtakes but important keys to the band’s current sound.

Another semi-unknown bridge in the band’s career is represented by the triptych “Wide Awake” – “Apocalypse” – “Bleed”. These songs were recorded during fall 2008 and acted as a demo for the songs as the follow-up to the first album “A Voluntary Coincidence” was supposed to play. Listening to these tracks immediately you can hear much more Metal than in the debut release. Influences from North European Gothic Metal, Thrash, Groove Metal and even some Symphonic Black Metal are fully tangible and audible, still maintaining the band’s own trademark always recognizable in N0emi Aurora’s uniquely powerful vocal range and in Max’s aggressive and ghostly taste for riffs and synthesizers. “Wide Awake” was aired for a month or two on the main media before the band decided to not follow up that stuff. The highly melodic and surrealistic atmospheres of second album “Stitches Of Eden” (2009) are a proof of that. Many fans didn’t forget that briefly shared tunes and still today HELALYN FLOWERS receive requests of getting those songs officially released once and for all.

So, this new EP in some way is a gift for those faithful individuals who really loved and supported the band during their almost ten-year career. Also, it’s a pure and simple celebration of HELALYN FLOWERS’s music, apart from its temporal position.

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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