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This Italian duo is the hottest Alfa Matrix signing of the year! By developing a strong and alluring imagery concept and by merging apparently opposing genres, HELALYN FLOWERS are bound to become the leaders of a Nu-Electro Rock wave. Whether Electro or Metal, Helalyn Flowers will absolutely shake the foundations of all preconceived musical standards. Helalyn Flower’s intensive work reveals a wide range of influences from Nu/Goth Metal, Industrial, Alternative, Electronic and even some elements extending towards Cold Pop. We can easily say that their music is unique and will ultimately bring a provocative level of freshness to the scene. Before the release of their full-length album “A Voluntary Coincidence”, this EP will showcase the depth and artistry of this band by rending an innovative mix of powerful drum beats, sensational female vocals, heavy guitars, pulsating bass, atmospheric orchestrations and uniquely styled synths. Take a deep breath, Helalyn Flowers will blow you away.

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