Helalyn Flowers – Frozen Star EP


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Strong from the high impact that their latest album ‘Sonic Foundation’ had on the scene (ranking top 50 on the iTunes Rock Chart in the USA, top 10 on Bandcamp and top selling on the Metal section of Amazon, etc.), HELALYN FLOWERS now return with this album’s second “single” for ‘Frozen Star’, one the most acclaimed songs from the new album, and the perfect sonic demonstration of the Italian duo’s ability to perfectly balance the dichotomy within their own sound, showcasing like a sort of battlefield between dark, surreal synthpop and armageddon-like guitars and edgy, hypnotic as well as sci-fi like electronics. “We’re all stars, but we can’t shine without passion” is the maxim behind this beautiful and catchy song “Frozen Star”, through which a crescendo of mechanical and glacial atmospheres commanded by one of the most intense vocal performances of front-woman Noemi Aurora uncoils. 

For the occasion, HELALYN FLOWERS totally reworked this song under the new ‘Byzantium version’, bringing the listener a completely different vibe and sonority. By dismantling and dilating the original structure, this new shape showcases the well-known ability of the duo to model Gothic Rock in their own image, with passionate and seducing atmospheres of live-taken guitars finding a bloody companion in the highly-sequenced electro rhythms. 

“Frozen Star” also gets remixed on this 9-track EP by British electro legends INERTIA featuring a vocal duet with Reza Udhin (also in KILLING JOKE and BLACK VOLITION), as well as by DIFFUZION, MASSIVE EGO and SIN.SIN. Add to this bonus remixes of other album songs by label mates SIMON CARTER, VENAL FLESH and ENTRZELLE and you get a pretty diversified palette of genres for an all new journey into the realms of HELALYN FLOWERS’ “Sonic Foundation” masterpiece… 


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