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“Àiresis”, HELALYN FLOWERS’ electrifying 6th studio album is nothing but a manifesto of choice: choosing art, choosing music, choosing self-expression, above any media attempt to flatten individuality! It offers us the antidote against sterile chatting, obsessive mechanization and the excessive culture of hype. 

“With “Àiresis” we want to spread the antidote through a story set in the labyrinths of the deepest corners of our minds, crossing suburban worlds where pain is expressed through lava tears and freedom claimed through the fiery wings of Icarus. Don’t be the prey – be the hunter!”; says Noemi Aurora. “It’s like our skies are projecting holographic paradises as cosmic ants eternally keep destroying what they create, like a mechanical Ouroboros. It’s a never-ending game of unmasking lies and revealing the truth”, adds Maxx Maryan.


While our world could stop, interrupt connection and vanish in a fraction of a second, the HELALYN FLOWERS gang of survivors stand there strong and give us the key to continue the defibrillation of our souls and remind us once again that “WE” are the choice and nobody else. With their new album, the Italian duo remind us once again of their endless quest in refining their melodic and atmospheric sensibility, while sharpening the clinical steel aggressiveness of their Industrial Metal assaults.


From the cinematic cosmic introspection of opening addictive synth pop tune “Halos” to backbeat-grounded futuristic electronic rock of “Some Kind Of Outer Minds” through the dystopian heavy industrial pop anthem “Metropolis Necropolis” and solid electro club-hit single “Suicidal Birds”, the visionaries Noemi Aurora and Maxx Maryan also introduce for the very first time a song sung in their mother tongue, “Rosso Atlantide”, proving to be the first to blend Industrial Metal and Modern Pop under the aegis of the Italian language.


Strong from his vast, decades-long and eclectic musical background in which the solemnity of black metal, the energy and roughness of hard-rock, the unpredictability of prog combined with the freshness of pop and the omnipresent obscure shadows of gothic, multi-instrumentalist Maxx Maryan manages breaking down the barriers of musical genres to create the absolute universe where Noemi Aurora can widely expand her unmistakable vocal style at will, naturally combining the overlaying of sensual pop melodies, dance-tainted hard rock aggression and evocative atmospheric falsettos which create that unique HELALYN FLOWERS bewitching sonic trademark we are all fond of!


With a feeling of zeroing the future and living in an eternal present, HELALYN FLOWERS offer us a stunning and mesmerizing album inspired by the great productions of the eighties, hovering at the imaginary border of Electro Pop and Industrial Metal, and re-sculpted in a post-apocalyptic futuristic fusion in which melodic synth orchestrations, hard hitting beat patterns and cutting edge guitars merge and let Noemi Aurora’s sensational female vocal range shine in an exploding endless universe of sound.


If you like bands like LADYTRON, NIN, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, CLAN OF XYMOX, WITHIN TEMPTATION, THE CURE, GARY NUMAN or other CRYSTAL CASTLES, “Àiresis” is your next best-play: an album that will grow on you in no time… 


The limited deluxe edition of HELALYN FLOWERS’s new album reveals eye-catching exclusive artwork design by Noemi Aurora herself (www.toxic-visions.com) and includes the 11-track “Skepsis” bonus disc featuring remix collaborations with Jean-Marc Lederman, IMPLANT, IMJUDAS, JUNKSISTA, ALIEN_NATION, PLANET POP, EXOPHANTOM, DIGITAL SHADOWS, Mario Rühlicke and DJ UND3RMIN3R.

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