Elektrostaub – Wake Up (feat Henrik Iversen) EP


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Over 3 years after the release of his very successful debut album “Birthday And Death”, German synth pop act ELEKTROSTAUB comes out of dormancy and takes us by surprise with his new aptly titled “Wake Up” EP announcing the release of his second album “Reliance” in 2021 on his new label Alfa Matrix.

Like we always say: “don’t change a winning team”… Well, that’s exactly the lesson learnt by Patrick Knoch who here once more delivers a new major club hit with “Wake Up” featuring once again his partner in crime Henrik Iversen (NAMNAMBULU) whose highly expressive and melancholic vocal tone superbly fits this new song revealing ELEKTROSTAUB’s best characteristics through very catchy melodic choruses, driving upbeat electro sequences, kicking beats and bombastic dark synthetic harmonies.

And that’s not all folks! ELEKTROSTAUB offers to us a pre-Christmas present by adding a second A-side song to this EP with the harder and darker EBM song “Futurism” featuring the impressive and poignant vocals of NORDERNEY’s frontman Jan Dieckmann whose strong and very emotional vocals immediately evoke bands like VNV NATION and WOLFSHEIM.

ELEKTROSTAUB reveals today a very mature song-writing attitude, creating in his production work the judicious balance between the addictive club appeal of his songs and the very emotional expression of his guest singers while preserving the melodic touch of his intricate electronic synth sound arrangements; offering the perfect setting for these talented vocalists to expand their captivating charisma and to release intense emotions through words while leading them to the dancefloor…

This EP features in total 11 songs, offering 9 great bonus remixes going from moody synth pop to upbeat electro dance through EBM and modern electro wave remakes by artists in the likes of AIBOFORCEN, THE SECOND SIGHT, AESTHETISCHE, CULTURE KULTÜR, DIGITAL FACTOR vs. MARGARET STREET, VERSUS, DJ THOMMY, NÒRDIKA and DMT BERZERK.

This is top-notch future pop music for your body and soul…


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