Elektrostaub – We Are Dreamers (feat. Patrik – Vanguard) EP


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While the previous “Wake Up” EP is still on heavy rotation, ELEKTROSTAUB mastermind Patrick Knoch strikes back with the second EP taken from his forthcoming new album “Reliance”.

As usual, the German artist proves once again his unique ability to select the right singer best fitting his music. This time, he joins hands with Patrik Hansson of Swedish Electropop band VANGUARD for another stunning upbeat club synth pop song with a highly emotional dimension. Alternate remixes of the songs get delivered by electro specialist in the likes of PEOPLE THEATRE, SPEKTRALIZED, WE THE NORTH, UNCREATED and EXCUBITORS, each bringing its own flavour and colour to the original tune. But ELEKTROSTAUB also brought the challenge one step further by recording a totally different and so inspiring version featuring this time the unmatched female voice of Claudia Uhle from X-PERIENCE fame.

For the B-side song “Loneliness”, Patrick Knoch capitalised once again on the winning team he forms with his good old partners in crime from !DISTAIN for a more melancholic and soulful mid-tempo tune. Besides the club mix and the floating “no drum” edit of this song, we also get more laidback and introspective interpretations of this catchy song by PEOPLE THEATRE as well as from label mates TECHNOIR and DIGITAL FACTOR.

Another 12-track EP that teases once more our impatience to hear that much promising new studio album by ELEKTROSTAUB and the list of exciting additional collaborations he managed to set-up. What is sure is that we can count on ELEKTROSTAUB to bring us some more intense emotions through club-friendly tunes lead by the melodic touch of his intricate electronic synth sound arrangements.

This is top-notch future pop music for your body and soul…


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