Elektroklänge – Mechanische Tänze Nos. 1​-​4 EP


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ELEKTROKLÄNGE is a Swedish minimalistic electro pop act based in Stockholm. The band’s signature sound combines repetitive rhythms with simple catchy melodies. The instrumentation is minimalistic and strictly electronic while all the lyrics are sung through vocoders and/or generated by speech synthesis.
ELEKTROKLÄNGE makes strictly non-improvised and meticulously programmed synth pop music. While remaining true to the “Düsseldorf sound”, ELEKTROKLÄNGE adds and develops the sound in sometimes unexpected directions and occasionally employs the piano which often brought the project to be described as a “more emotionally-charged version of KRAFTWERK”…
After several highly praised compilation appearances, the “Mechanische Tänze Nos. 1-4” EP is the band’s first release on the Belgian Alfa Matrix label who already brought us bands active in a similar electronic register like METROLAND, NÖVÖ, Sebastian Komor as well as early FRONT 242 material.
Opening with a homage to the Hungarian painter/designer Vilmos Huszár (one of the founders of the art movement De Stijl) who directly influenced the cover-art of this release, the “mechanical dance” gets deconstructed in 4 stunning “tanz acts” (in 4 different languages: German, English, French & Japanese), all again strongly influenced by Huszár’s “simultaneistic-mechanical dance” at Dada-soirée, held in Amsterdam on 19th January 1923.
This conceptual EP ends with an amazing extended ”Trudering Klang” mix of “Mekanischer Tanz”, preceded by another strong carrying “straight connection mix” of the now already popular song “Approach To Tokyo” which was originally written to celebrate the Shinkansen’s 50th anniversary (Japan’s famous high-speed railway network): a highly melodic electronic sound journey from Osaka to Tokyo…
ELEKTROKLÄNGE to consume without moderation!


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