Elektroklänge – Abfahrt EP


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All monitored systems are functioning: Swedish minimalistic electro pop act ELEKTROKLÄNGE is back!

Authentic traffic sounds from German highways, vintage speech synthesis courtesy of the Texas Instruments Language Translator and the Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert system, flutes and vocoded vocals, all come together in the rather upbeat opening track “Abfahrt”. The following track “Bordcomputer” features modulated filter sweeps, sharp bass lines and a driving beat, all under the directions from the trip computer. Electronic choirs from vintage string synthesizers open up the song “Glitzerstrahl” and continues through the track accompanied by vocoded speech synthesis and vocals. The EP continues with synthesized nature sounds and flutes from the song “Herbstmorgen Früh Spaziergang”, which on this EP is presented in two parts, and finishes off with an elektro-müller mix of “Bordcomputer”.

A new conceptual chapter is activated. Left – right: watch out for more vintage Kraftwerkian “Düsseldorf sound” with the top notch synth pop signature style of ELEKTROKLÄNGE.