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4 years! Some 48 months… It’s the time it took for Belgian artist Jan Dewulf to redefine the DISKONNEKTED concept and return with an all new philosophy, new sound, new image… Strong and combative, DISKONNEKTED proudly presents on his 4th studio album “Hotel Existence” a new formula that brings the band through raving breaks, deep and stuttering bass, catchy poignant vocals and electronic soundscapes. Inspired by a Paul Auster novel, the new songs reflect the general idea of the inner fantasy that promises you a better world, but becomes a cancer of unfulfilled expectations. Apart from being an explosive intermix of styles that’s never been heard before in the contemporary industrial/electro scene, ‘Hotel Existence’ is also an emotional quest that will shake your inner world.

You can’t place DISKONNEKTED’s music in one specific genre, since every challenging genre is reflected in this album: from drum ’n bass and dubstep, to floating electronics and solid EBM. A true clash of styles exploring different electronic genres and offering what might be the freshest album of the year! Fans of PENDULUM’s raving breaks or the uncompromising cross-over of CELLDWELLER will be delighted to see those elements being also introduced in a modern electronic hybrid style.

The album is released here as a double-CD limited carton box edition including remixes by LIQUID DIVINE, Paul Udarov, PSY’AVIAH, SLEEPLESS, MILDREDA, ESSENCE OF MIND, etc.

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