Cynical Existence – Erase me EP


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“Erase Me” quickly became the song from CYNICAL EXISTENCE’s last album which had received the most club plays… and so DJ’s will for sure enthusiastically welcome this new EP offering them some 4 alternative remixes of this title song including an annihilating club mix as well as remakes by IMPLANT, PSIONIC and ANGEL OF GENOCIDE. The Swedish unstoppable machine does not stop its attack there: Fredrik Croona adds a full-frontal assault collaboration with Dräcos von Strecker on “The Lust And Despair”, a remake of the album song “Your Decadence My Sins” by label mate Kai Otte as well as a darker and more oppressive bonus song aptly titled “My Private Hell” which might somehow indicates the direction of CYNICAL EXISTENCE’s next tortured sonic endeavors… Harsh and loud uncompromising dark elektro the way you all like it!

This EP is only available as a download via Bandcamp (see player below).


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