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As any artist feeling the pressure to embark on their next works, it’s always daunting to follow up an album like “Hearts For Bullets” that was so well received by the fans who enjoyed its tight set of hit songs and their striking, in your face, minimal and dancefloor-ready feel.

On this new CD “Plastic Makes Perfect”, Jennifer Parkin challenges herself once again and steps outside of the genres she’s comfortable in, exploring more textures, denser production, more diverse songwriting and song structures. And once again, AYRIA confirms she is all over the map like she has always been, and definitely not for single minded music listeners…She invites us into her open heart and asks you open your ears and mind to share in her every emotion.
This new album has songs that will work for your different moods. Listen to “Hunger” or “All That Glitters” when you’re angry, or sick of the world and feel beaten down or small. For club DJ’s, put on “Friends and Enemies” or even “The New Style of Riot” if you want an unrecognisable AYRIA track to play! If you’re ready to sing along to electro-pop, listen to “Missed The Mark”, the very sexy “Games”, or “Three Months”… And if you just want to dance “Big City Lullaby” or “Big Plans” will do the trick. If you’re happy “The Box Under My Bed” or have hit rock bottom “Letter From an Angel” should keep you there…

“Plastic Makes Perfect” reveals an array of genres: some electro-pop, some harder industrial or EBM, or whatever you want to call it, some guitars, even a moody ballad… But what strikes the most is that it displays an artist with more confidence, more fun, more maturity, and still some silliness and sexyness at times to make AYRIA what she is all about!

Since we do not change a winning sonic combo, she also again worked with talented Sebastian R. Komor for the production guaranteeing strength and an “in your face” vibe to the sounds while giving her voice the perfect production twist… On her 4th AYRIA album, our favourite Canadian female artist explored the full spectrum of her moods, laid all her feelings out for you, and offers an honest and highly diversified melodic album she can be very proud of… 

This CD is also available as an extended bonus tracks download – see the player below.

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