Avarice In Audio – Trojan Horse EP


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After the release of 2018’s “No Punishment: No Paradise”, the three minds behind AVARICE IN AUDIO had been decidedly quiet in sharing new snippets of music with anyone but us at Alfa Matrix, now today we can reveal why. Featured on many different compilations of ours, but now released in its rightful place, we can reveal the first single from the upcoming AVARICE IN AUDIO album, “From The Rib Of Adam”.

“Trojan Horse” is a deeply emotional song penned and performed by AVARICE IN AUDIO’s more sombre vocalist Ben Barwick, aided in production by both Lawrie and Gerry, even featuring some sounds from our own David Chamberlain of ENTRZELLE. The song feels like a goth industrial classic, between the pulsing electronics and Ben’s melancholy-filled vocals, beguiling the listener into a false sense of security before enveloping us in the torture the song has bubbling under the surface.

Completing this teaser for the EP are two different versions of “Trojan Horse” to round it out; the “Achilles Heel” version made by Gerry and Lawrie who have reimagined the song as a Futurepop / EBM dance track, and a remix by German cyberpunks BINARY DIVISION that enforce the isolation of the original and transform it into a dystopian masterpiece. And as an exclusive bonus track, we have “Hellfire Club”, another guaranteed club hit with its aggressive grooves and crossover appeal featuring the STUDIO-X & PROZIUM gang.

This is no ordinary release from AVARICE IN AUDIO, however. Complimenting this one is their first music video, made by performance artist SHARMAN REINKE, filmed in the wilderness of Tasmania, showing the dark undercurrents that AVARICE IN AUDIO have been cultivating for so long. For fans of IMPERATIVE REACTION, AESTHETIC PERFECTION and BLUTENGEL, this release and video will leave you wanting more “From The Rib Of Adam.”


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